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David, Lysander LDavid at verisign.com
Thu Aug 27 23:32:49 CEST 2009

Job Description


How Python will be used on the job: We would like to automate every
aspect of the job. Python is the language which will be used ( with a
little Jython and IronPython here and there )


This is a software build engineer infrastructure position that requires
skills and strengths in two main areas: software builds on UNIX &
Windows platforms and interacting with VeriSign's engineering
organization to support CVS, Subversion, make, Ant, and other SCM &
build tools used internally and externally.  The primary responsibility
for this position is to be one of the main points of contact for all
builds, patches, and software configuration management.
Responsibilities will also include debugging build issues, shell and
other scripting for day-to-day build activities, and working with
individuals from other teams to integrate with 3rd party and open source
tools to further build, package, and installation automation. 









1. Professional Competencies: 


-          Strong verbal and written communication


-          Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles


-          Uses negotiation skills to resolve conflicts


-          Reacts well under pressure




2. Technical Competencies


-          Ability to administer an SCM system using Subversion.


-          Ability to troubleshoot build errors in makefile or ANT
build.xml output files.


-          Improve, automate, and make more rigorous the processes and
tools used for building and packaging software builds.


-          Integration efforts with continuous integration, code
coverage, static analysis tools a plus.





Experience required with the following: Linux, Windows, Perl, shell
scripting, CVS, Subversion.


Experience a plus with: Python, Java, C, Ant, make, VMWare, SSH.




Experience & Education

B.S. in Computer Science or a related area of study, or equivalent work


Require 2-5 Years of technical work experience using the skills and
competencies listed above.


The company is VeriSign.


If anybody is interested perhaps we could chat at today's BayPiggies



Lysander David


Tools Engineer



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