[Baypiggies] Marginally Relevant: Open Source Value to Companies

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Mon Dec 21 20:45:05 CET 2009

> For anyone didn't understand the gist of Julian's comment: the father of
> Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is a lawyer and founding partner at
> K&L Gates.  IOW, that is almost certainly a shill piece for Microsoft.
> Despite the recent embrace of Python and Open Source by Microsoft as
> represented by IronPython, I think that those of us who care about Python
> and Open Source should keep a wary eye on Microsoft.  And now I'll go
> back to making my product run under Windows.  :-/

I actually did not know first that it came from K&L Gates law firm, nor the
significance. So, thank both of you for pointing this out. This "came across
my desk" because of a mention of Chrome. And I have a Google Alert for

I took this as a general feel for business across many companies (not
necessarily even tech companies) -- not something specific from a very
pro-Microsoft company. Now I know better...

And knowing is half the battle...

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