[Baypiggies] How do you calculate your hourly wage?

Stephen Cattaneo stephen.cattaneo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 23:22:31 CET 2009

Hi friends,

I've only had one professional position since college.  I was paid salary.
My company recently downsized 40% of the company (myself included).  I'm
looking for new work.

I'm open to contract jobs, but they want to know how much I charge hourly.
I'd assume they do not cover things like 401k/dental/medical for such a
position;  I'd like to take these things into consideration when talking

Do you guys use this formula (or something similar) and if so, what value do
you use for your modifier?

hourlySalary = yearlySalary /  52 * 40  # 52 weeks in a year, 40 hours in a
benefits = hourlySalary * benefitsModifier
totalHourlyWage = hourlySalary + benefits

I was thinking something between 5% and 15% -- Does this seem reasonable in
your experience?



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