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Thank You Stephen, this is extremely helpful!

Best Regards,
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On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 5:49 PM, Stephen McInerney
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>  >Needing to promote the living daylights out of upcoming Plone 3 training
> course.
> >have any suggestions for good places to advertise? Other user groups in
> the area that might be interested?
> - 1) the 'Python' group on LibkedIn.com
> 2) I use LinkedIn.com/answers and it's brilliant
> Category: Technology > Web Devpt
> http://www.linkedin.com/answers/browse/technology/web-development/TCH_WDD
> You can simply ask: "Are you interested in attending this event?"
> (if this is for-profit or advertising your services, make sure to click
> those boxes
> to avoid violating TOS)
> 3) PS: there is a 'Python' group on LinkedIn but no 'BayPIGgies' one.
> Someone might like
> to start one. These do not incur any spam if you join. But they allow the
> concept of
> discussions within the group, and people can opt-in to email digest.
> 3b) There are several 'Plone' groups. I think you want one with a
> geographical focus,
> so again if ones doesn't exist, you might like to create it.
> Stephen
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