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Robert - Yes I already put links to VTA 902 on the wiki earlier:

Feel free to update/correct any or all of that wiki. And everyone else too.
The time estimates came from Google Maps public transit information,
it estimated 21(!) min for VTA+walk, it seemed to think there was some
walking between Caltrain to VTA, if that Google Maps estimate is off we know
whose fault that is...

To get there on time, people would want to get the 7:20pm VTA at the latest, I think.

For returning to MV Caltrain after the meeting, shouldn't be hard to just ask for
a ride off other people leaving (e.g me). Tied House is not a bad after-meeting hangout,
it's on Castro St very close to the train, the beer is good and they do decent food till 10pm.
Sure beats the In'n'Out Burger we had started frequenting. Maybe we should hit
Tied House up for a BayPIGgies group discount...


Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 03:23:57 -0800
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Subject: [Baypiggies] Light Rail Service

> Apparently it's 21 min by VTA+walk / 35 min
walk from MV Caltrain.


There is a  VTA Light Rail station across Ellis Street (and
behind the buildings/parking lots on that side) from the Symantec building. It
is called the Middlefield station. It takes approximately 8 minutes to get
there from the VTA Mountain View station which is next to the Mountain View
Cal-Train station. The departure times from the Mountain View Station are:










The departure times from the Middlefield station going back
to Mountain View
would be approximately:






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