[Baypiggies] Video Available: Meeting from 2009 02 26

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Sat Feb 28 02:49:01 CET 2009

A non-edited version of the video is now available.

Another BayPIGgies member has loaned us some microphones for better  
sound quality! However, that did not get included in this video,  
unfortunately. I got a FedEx yesterday morning, set up the  
microphones, was able to test that they worked, and all went well.  
However, once we got on site, there were so many different wireless  
signals in the building, there was interference on the channel for the  
microphones. And, with the newness of the microphones for me -- AND  
with the short entrance time we had for the building, I simply did  
*not* have time to search for, find, and test a new frequency last  
night. I got very close, as you can see Charles wearing the microphone  
that was transmitting. However, the receiver was still not quite tuned  
to the transmitter. So, we had to use the audio directly on the camera.

Next time, I'll get it better -- promise =)

So, I apologize again for the sound quality. Again, you can hear each  
speaker -- but loud background noises can hurt your ears if you listen  
with a headphone. I'll manually adjust the video sound so headphones  
can be used when I manually edit the video. However, this will be  
*some* time before I get the time =(

Also, if there are others who want to get together, and collaborate on  
the editing of these videos, I'd enjoy the collaboration and the  
community would certainly be thankful to you =)

Authors:  When we do edit, having a copy of the slides and/or output  
of your talk really makes the video much clearer and easier to watch.  
Please send me your slides and/or any code, screen shots, screen  
videos, etc. that help illustrate the point you are making. Please  
have them to me by March 7th (an arbitrary but fixed deadline).

Draft Video: http://glenjarvis.com/static/media/videos/BayPIGgies_2009_02_26_draft.mov



P.S. See last months video (editing still incomplete): http://glenjarvis.com/static/media/videos/BayPIGgies_2009_01_08_draft.mov

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