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[Ok I will disclose this much so you understand where I'm coming from,
and since it's currently a holiday, and before we get an unstoppable
momentum towards Symantec's generous offer]:

We have asked inside VMware in December and are still awaiting a
management decision, so this is **NOT** an offer yet, or a promise of anything at all.
Having said that:
- we asked for VMware 3401 Hillview Dr location, for even-numbered months
- Hillview cafeteria would have a capacity of ~200+(?) people
- also excellent WiFi
- no videoing capabilities; we could ask about sound recording
- not sure what the story with security and sign-in is, but
  our cafeteria is self-contained for security badge access, so
  that should help a *lot*. Certainly we shouldn't need armies of 
  security escorts like at Google. We might have to pass on a small
  security charge if we need one or two security staff for 4 hours.
- Palo Alto Location is served by train (University or California),
  -> Stanford Marguerite shuttle (or bike, or car), also straight off
  Hwy 280 for all those SF commuters (280 is a much nicer, faster,
  more scenic and relaxing commute to SF than 101, no stop-start
  driving around the airport or at 85 intersection like you get on 101).
  (For the East Bay commuters/rideshares, you either take Dumbarton
  or 237 to Mtn View El Camino, then go Arastradero->Foothill->Hillview.)
- Also, we plan (if approved) to arrange rideshares back to Palo Alto or California train stations.
- I had discussed with some folks that a useful possible task for
  the Baypiggies plone site would to be to move the RSVPs to baypiggies.net
  instead of the wiki, *then* use that to facilitate people to arrange rideshares
  (to/from SF, or to/from train stations) and (privately) exchange contact
  details and discuss pickup.
  I would be happy to roll up my sleeves to program that Plone app if needs be.

So in summary, we still have no offer at all, only a request, but we hope to get a
yes/no decision fairly soon.
There's no point in asking for any vote, since this is not yet an offer, so let us not
have any "Symantec vs VMware" discussions, but if we were to get VMware
and that were to entail a requested fee of at most say ~$3 for security + recording
costs, could that fly with people?
Obviously we will update you ASAP if and when we have new developments.

Now assuming VMware does not approve our request, then presumably
Symantec wins by default, unless their capacity is waay small and we
manage to secure another location
(did anyone try asking Foothill or Carnegie-Mellon Online in Moffett?).

In either case, whatever the outcome, I favor alternating between South Bay
location (in even months) and an SF/Peninsula location (in odd months) to give a
fair shake to the excellent people up in the city/ EB/ NB, who we tend to
never see these days except on the mailing-list.

So please do not speak about any "VMware offer" or you'll get me in bigtime
trouble with my management.
I'm only exposing this information so we don't all get settled on Symantec just
yet until we've exhausted all other possibilities. I expect to know fairly soon
as mentioned.

Again, thanks to Symantec for the only current firm offer, and Tony and Walter
for their hard work.

Best and Happy New Year,

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Subject: [Baypiggies] New meeting place for BayPiggies, starting in Feb 2009

Hello Everyone,

I'm happy to announce that Symantec can provide a meeting place for us in Mountain View, starting in February.

Note: Symantec is suggesting that we can have this room on the 4th Thursday, instead of our typical 2nd Thursday.

I realise that not everyone will be able to make this, but since we are homeless we can't be too picky.

"Starting in February the 26th, which is every 4th 
Thursday of every month. All Thursday's in January are already reserved. Please 
let me know if this works, so I can start reserving the 4th Thursday of every 

350 Ellis St, Mtn View, off of Middlefield Road.


I've been to this facility many times, as it is used for the ACCU Meetings and I think SVLug as well.

The have projection capabilities and a mic, but no video recording.

I would say they can accommodate 30+ people easily, but I'm not sure of the upper limit. I am waiting for another reply.

We need to vote to see if this is acceptable, at least for the near term.

Please reply with a 




Big thanks for Walter Vannini (of ACCU fame) and Hans from Symantec for making this possible!

Have a Happy and safe New Year!


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