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jim jim at well.com
Thu Jan 1 19:07:13 CET 2009

the "even-numbered months" part is 
troubling. if this comes to pass, 
we'll have the problem of finding 
an odd-numbered months location and 
the possible confusion of multiple 
meeting locations. 

On Thu, 2009-01-01 at 01:48 -0800, Stephen McInerney wrote:
> [Ok I will disclose this much so you understand where I'm coming from,
> and since it's currently a holiday, and before we get an unstoppable
> momentum towards Symantec's generous offer]:
> We have asked inside VMware in December and are still awaiting a
> management decision, so this is **NOT** an offer yet, or a promise of
> anything at all.
> Having said that:
> - we asked for VMware 3401 Hillview Dr location, for even-numbered
> months
> - Hillview cafeteria would have a capacity of ~200+(?) people
> - also excellent WiFi
> - no videoing capabilities; we could ask about sound recording
> - not sure what the story with security and sign-in is, but
>   our cafeteria is self-contained for security badge access, so
>   that should help a *lot*. Certainly we shouldn't need armies of 
>   security escorts like at Google. We might have to pass on a small
>   security charge if we need one or two security staff for 4 hours.
> - Palo Alto Location is served by train (University or California),
>   -> Stanford Marguerite shuttle (or bike, or car), also straight off
>   Hwy 280 for all those SF commuters (280 is a much nicer, faster,
>   more scenic and relaxing commute to SF than 101, no stop-start
>   driving around the airport or at 85 intersection like you get on
> 101).
>   (For the East Bay commuters/rideshares, you either take Dumbarton
>   or 237 to Mtn View El Camino, then go
> Arastradero->Foothill->Hillview.)
> - Also, we plan (if approved) to arrange rideshares back to Palo Alto
> or California train stations.
> - I had discussed with some folks that a useful possible task for
>   the Baypiggies plone site would to be to move the RSVPs to
> baypiggies.net
>   instead of the wiki, *then* use that to facilitate people to arrange
> rideshares
>   (to/from SF, or to/from train stations) and (privately) exchange
> contact
>   details and discuss pickup.
>   I would be happy to roll up my sleeves to program that Plone app if
> needs be.
> So in summary, we still have no offer at all, only a request, but we
> hope to get a
> yes/no decision fairly soon.
> There's no point in asking for any vote, since this is not yet an
> offer, so let us not
> have any "Symantec vs VMware" discussions, but if we were to get
> VMware
> and that were to entail a requested fee of at most say ~$3 for
> security + recording
> costs, could that fly with people?
> Obviously we will update you ASAP if and when we have new
> developments.
> Now assuming VMware does not approve our request, then presumably
> Symantec wins by default, unless their capacity is waay small and we
> manage to secure another location
> (did anyone try asking Foothill or Carnegie-Mellon Online in
> Moffett?).
> In either case, whatever the outcome, I favor alternating between
> South Bay
> location (in even months) and an SF/Peninsula location (in odd months)
> to give a
> fair shake to the excellent people up in the city/ EB/ NB, who we tend
> to
> never see these days except on the mailing-list.
> So please do not speak about any "VMware offer" or you'll get me in
> bigtime
> trouble with my management.
> I'm only exposing this information so we don't all get settled on
> Symantec just
> yet until we've exhausted all other possibilities. I expect to know
> fairly soon
> as mentioned.
> Again, thanks to Symantec for the only current firm offer, and Tony
> and Walter
> for their hard work.
> Best and Happy New Year,
> Stephen
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> Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 18:04:46 -0800
> From: cappy2112 at gmail.com
> To: baypiggies at python.org
> CC: walterv at gbbservices.com
> Subject: [Baypiggies] New meeting place for BayPiggies, starting in
> Feb 2009
> Hello Everyone,
> I'm happy to announce that Symantec can provide a meeting place for us
> in Mountain View, starting in February.
> Note: Symantec is suggesting that we can have this room on the 4th
> Thursday, instead of our typical 2nd Thursday.
> I realise that not everyone will be able to make this, but since we
> are homeless we can't be too picky.
> "Starting in February the 26th, which is every 4th Thursday of every
> month. All Thursday's in January are already reserved. Please let me
> know if this works, so I can start reserving the 4th Thursday of every
> month"
> 350 Ellis St, Mtn View, off of Middlefield Road.
> http://upcoming.yahoo.com/venue/50879/
> I've been to this facility many times, as it is used for the ACCU
> Meetings and I think SVLug as well.
> The have projection capabilities and a mic, but no video recording.
> I would say they can accommodate 30+ people easily, but I'm not sure
> of the upper limit. I am waiting for another reply.
> We need to vote to see if this is acceptable, at least for the near
> term.
> Please reply with a 
> or
> NO
> Big thanks for Walter Vannini (of ACCU fame) and Hans from Symantec
> for making this possible!
> Have a Happy and safe New Year!
> Tony
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