[Baypiggies] Hi There!

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Thu Jan 8 02:27:16 CET 2009


Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm a Python programmer normally  
from Chicago, whose g/f is spending a quarter at Stanford.   For work,  
I'm the Chief Technical Dude for juju.com, a job search engine. Also,  
I ride bikes and play Ultimate.  Yeah!

Anyway, I'm hoping to make the meeting tomorrow.  How long do they  
usually run?  Just want to make sure I can get home on Caltrain.

My company is looking to hire another developer.  I've attached a job  
description - please feel free to talk to me tomorrow if you  
interested (or email me off-list).

Looking forward to meeting y'all.


`Juju, Inc. <http://www.juju.com>`__ (Telecommute)

**Job Description**: Juju, a popular vertical search engine focused on  
jobs, seeks skilled **Python Developer** for fun and profit.

Juju's goal is to make job search easier using technology and  
thoughtful user interface design. We strive to create groundbreaking  
tools that make it faster and easier for online job seekers to find  
exactly what they're looking for. Our job search engine provides a  
single point of access to millions of jobs found on thousands of  
employer websites and job boards around the web, and offers features  
that help job seekers screen and apply to the right opportunities more  

Our work to date has enabled us to attract millions of unique visitors  
every month, and laid a solid foundation for the future. The best is  
yet to come - we need talented, creative programmers to help us meet  
our ambitious goals. If you:

  - have deep python experience
  - want to work with bright, motivated people
  - enjoy tackling BIG problems with clever code

send us an application or just drop us a note. If you don't have all  
of the skills below, but think you're a great fit, apply anyway and  
tell us why.

Employees are given substantial freedom to design and implement  
solutions, and allocate their own time. We telecommute and maintain a  
demanding, but flexible, work environment. The team is US based, but  
we will consider qualified global applicants.  Project and part-time  
arrangements are possible.

Candidates should be experienced, well-rounded programmers, familiar  
with a range of practices, including maintaining a shared code base,  
object-oriented design, network programming, multithreading,  
optimization, and unit testing. The ability to communicate effectively  
with coworkers while working independently with limited oversight is  

**NOTE:** *In addition to the position described below, we're looking  
for a System Administrator and an experienced User Interface Designer.  
If that's you, just mention that when applying via the link below.*

**Desired Interest/Experience**:

- Text search & analysis
- RESTful distributed computing & storage
- Web crawling techniques
- Automated text extraction & machine learning
- Building interactive web apps

**Desired Technical Background**:

- Python, Python, Python!
- Linux or other modern UNIX
- Subversion & Trac
- protocol-level HTTP: lighttpd, pound, squid
- Storage Engines: Lucene, SQLite, metakit, memcached
- Twisted

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