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Doug Sims ratsbane at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 19:03:19 CET 2009


I haven't made it to a meeting in over a year (I'm about 2000 miles away
now) and I really miss the meetings.  I watched the meetings which were on
video with great interest and the topic tonight is something I'm
particularly interested in.  If someone will put video from tonight online
I'll be happy to fax you some cash, donate to your favourite charity, buy
something from your Amazon wishlist, or otherwise express my appreciation.

I've been trying to scrape data with Python from a particularly odious
dot-Net postback web site (
https://cdr.ffiec.gov/public/ManageFacsimiles.aspx) lately - it really makes
you appreciate good RESTful design when you try to deal with something that
doesn't use it.


Doug Sims
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