[Baypiggies] video tonight (I volunteer/need camera)

Paul McNett p at ulmcnett.com
Thu Jan 8 22:49:21 CET 2009

Glen Jarvis wrote:
> Thanks to Doug Sims, I am bringing a camera to the meeting tonight. If 
> we have permission to record (and I expect we will), I will record the 
> meeting, edit it for streaming, and provide the Video to the group.
> I don't have an external microphone (although the camera supports it). 
> So, the audio may be bad. We may need to look at that in the future 
> depending upon how well the audio records for this event.

I have 2 professional wireless (lavalier) mikes that I'd be happy to loan for 
Baypiggies recording. The speaker would need to have somewhere to attach the clip, 
like a shirt pocket or something, and there's a transmitter that he/she will have to 
either clip to a wasteline or put in a pocket. The receiver plugs into the camera, or 
into an audio mixer (which I may be able to also loan, I have to check) and into the 

Each transmitter/receiver pair needs fresh 9-volt batteries before each recording 
(don't want them fading out during a recording), so a Cosco trip would be in order 
for a large pack of them.

Problem is: I can't make tonight's meeting, and haven't been able to make a meeting 
in quite a while. So, if someone wants to get close to Hollister on the way, maybe I 
could meet you to hand off the mike?

Anyway, Glen, if I can't get the mike to you for tonight, I'll get it to you for 
extended loan before next meeting. The audio quality is excellent.


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