[Baypiggies] last meeting @ The Tech

Robert Stephenson rstephe at sun.science.wayne.edu
Wed Jan 14 06:25:52 CET 2009

At the meeting we ran out of flyers.

You can find information on the Program for the Future Global Design  
Challenge, sponsored by The Tech Museum in San Jose and the MIT Museum  
in Cambridge, MA, at

If you would like to get a discount coupon for the Leonardo exhibit  
(especially endorsed by Alex Martelli), contact Rob Stephenson at the  
email in my sig below.  Hurry, it ends 1/25/09!


Robert Stephenson
Curator, The Tech Virtual
The Tech Museum of Innovation
San Jose, CA, USA

1 408 795-6162
rstephenson at thetech.org
AIM: rstephelearn, Yahoo!: rstephemi, MSN: rstephemi, Skype: rstephe
SL: Stephe Roux
SL/TG: Copernic Heliosense

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