[Baypiggies] Meeting: 8-Jan 2009 Web Scraping/Draft Video Ready

Benjamin Sergeant bsergean at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 07:58:40 CET 2009

Thanks for all the hard work Glen !
- Benjamin

Too bad you forgot to pipe the newby nuggets video to some filters ...

cat video.mov | remove_crappy_french_accent.py |


On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 12:19 PM, Glen Jarvis <glen at glenjarvis.com> wrote:

> I spun the last of the video out, but it's not all edited. I don't think
> most of our audience will care about the editing right now. I have a feeling
> that many would rather see a rough draft, where most of the info can
> be gleaned, instead of having to wait for a finished product.
> This is in Quicktime webstreaming format. It will be converted to You
> Tube/Flash at a later date. We still need to:
> * Augment the audio (there are some more filters that I can use to make
> this more understandable. Mics will be used in the future)
> * Edit in the slides for the main presentation. This will take out any
> video 'zooming' or camera movement that is still present
> * Make chapter titles
> * Add a splash page/frame
> * Edit into 'You Tube' size clips and upload to You Tube
> But, until then, here's the info so you can get started and not have to
> wait:
> http://glenjarvis.com/static/media/videos/BayPIGgies_2009_01_08_draft.mov
> Thanks for letting me do this.
> All the best,
> Glen Jarvis
> P.S. Although you can start watching immediately, the video is only 25%
> uploaded at the time of this email being sent. Allow another 25 minutes or
> so (by 1:00 p.m. PST) for the complete video to be uploaded. I'm at a
> Pete's, using their internet, waiting for another job interview.
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