[Baypiggies] Talk @ Baypiggies in Feb?

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Sun Jan 18 22:36:46 CET 2009

Great, thanks!

We should prolly find a second less-than-full-length talk; while I can  
stretch this out a bit, I don't think I can make a full meeting of it.  
In Chicago, we sometimes do one longer talk and a few lightning talks  
(5-15 minutes). Keeps things interesting, lightens the burden on any  
one speaker & gives more people a chance to present.

On Jan 18, 2009, at 11:36 AM, jim wrote:

> let's do it.
> On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 11:26 -0800, Pete wrote:
>> On Jan 17, 2009, at 6:24 PM, Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
>>> On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 11:11 AM, Pete <pfein at pobox.com> wrote:
>>>> Hiya-
>>>> I was wondering if I could give a talk at next month's meeting.
>>>> It'd be on
>>>> my Factory module: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Factory/
>>>> I gave this talk at Chipy a few months ago, and it was very well
>>>> received.
>>>> It's about 1/2 hour long.
>>>> Lemme know.
>>> I'm cc'ing the rest of BayPiggies:
>>> Your description sounded interesting to me.  Jim and Tony organize  
>>> the
>>> speakers, and they usually try to line up people a few months in
>>> advance.  I'm not sure exactly when they have a slot for you, but  
>>> you
>> I'm only going to be here through late March... given the change to
>> the 4th Thursday, I'd need to do this next month (February) or not at
>> all.
>>> have a +1 from me.  You might want to describe it a little more so
>>> that the other people on the mailing list can get excited and give  
>>> you
>>> a +1 as well ;)
>> Here's an abstract:
>> ----------------------------------------
>> Factory is an object-oriented approach to partial function
>> application, also known as currying.
>> Python 2.5 added support for currying with the addition of
>> functools.partial: http://docs.python.org/whatsnew/2.5.html#pep-309-partial-function-application
>> The Factory module is a more powerful implementation of this pattern.
>> Some improvements include:
>>   - safer, as invalid arguments are detected immediately, instead of
>> at call time
>>   - intelligent support for classes, instance methods & all other
>> callables
>>   - bound arguments can be inspected and modified as attributes
>>   - several convenient methods for (re)binding arguments
>> Using Factories can:
>>   - simplify writing callbacks
>>   - reduce bugs in concurrent applications
>>   - provide easy lazy evaluation
>> This talk will demonstrate the Factory module and discuss its
>> implementation and uses.  Familiarity with currying is helpful but  
>> not
>> required.  More information is available at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Factory/
>> -----------------------------------------
>> The talk itself consists mainly of a live demo of the module,  
>> followed
>> by a brief review of its implementation.  It falls more on the side  
>> of
>> "cool things you can do that are unique to Python", in contrast to  
>> the
>> more typical "how to parse TPS reports in Python (or Perl or Java
>> or ...)" .  As such, it's a good insight in to the power of Python  
>> for
>> programmers new to the language, while providing plenty to keep old
>> hands entertained. I presented this talk to the Chicago group in
>> September and it was very well received, with one audience member  
>> even
>> suggesting the module should be included in the standard library.
>>> Thanks for volunteering!
>> Sure.  $DIETY knows, I like to talk. ;-)
>> --Pete

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