[Baypiggies] SHDH: Python Collaboration?

Drew Perttula drewp at bigasterisk.com
Mon Jan 19 02:24:34 CET 2009

Glen Jarvis wrote:
> Please see the Super Happy Dev House (SHDH) posting below my signature. 
> I hadn't gone in quite a while - at least six months. I'm going to try 
> to go this weekend. I often see other BayPIGgies there (like JJ, Jim, 
> etc.). It's in Meno Park in the Sun Executive Briefing Center (which 
> looks like a fun place to meet).
> Would you want to make plans to go together as a group, find a corner, 
> and work on any Python related projects?

That's what I do almost every SHDH anyway! There are normally quite a 
few python hackers there. I made it to the last Sun-hosted one and it 
was as big as the announcement makes it sound.

(disclosure: "find a corner and work on python projects" is also what I 
do on weekends when there *isn't* SHDH :)

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