[Baypiggies] current topic schedule for February, March, and April

jim jim at well.com
Wed Jan 21 18:36:10 CET 2009

Beginning February 26 and for some months afterward, 
baypiggies will meet at the Symantec Vcafe at 
350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA 94043 

At this time, meeting topics appear to be: 

February 26: The Factory Module, by Pete Fein 
possible additional talk on PyDev 

March 26: Tools Night, coordinated by Simeon Franklin 

April 23: Possibly: Alternatives for Writing C and C++ 
Extensions for Computer Vision Research, by Dameon Eads


Here are suggestions for newbie nugget and main talk 
topics. please reply if you want the topic presented 
and especially if you can present the topic. please 
reply: your replies help a lot. 

newbie nugget suggestions: 
current buzzwords

main talk suggestions: 
IEEE-488/GPIB instrument automation
Any type of GUI programming
stack manipulation module (e.g. greenlet) 
py 3k 
XO sugar programming 
REST representational state transfer
Restful text in Python26 (restructured text) 
Web programming (CherryPy? Pylons? <framework buzzword here>)
abstract classes

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