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> From: cappy2112 at gmail.com> To: jjinux at gmail.com> > > current buzzwords> > > wxPython> >> > It'd be great to have a talk on wxPython if we could actually find> > someone who *likes* wxPython. Otherwise, it'd be cool to find someone> > using one of the higher level libraries on top of wxPython that has> > had good experiences.> > What????> read the wx list- more traffic than 101 at rush hour> I've been using wx since I dropped pyQt- I have no regrets.> I can do a talk- I think it's too much to be a nugget though.
Yeah, wx is the best platform-independent GUI in my modest experience:
(disagree freely if you will)
All the scientific people (Enthought Python distribution, Python(x,y) distribution)
bundle it:
http://www.enthought.com/products/epdlibraries.php  (wx + Qt)
http://www.pythonxy.com/standard.php (wx only)
[If your intent was to start a (civilized) throwdown between wxPython and PyQt, by all means bring it on.]
>I've met tons of people who use wxPython. I've just never met anyone>who liked it ;) If you like wxPython, I'd love to hear your talk.
Well what is 'like'? It gets the job done and there's no better tool.
It's better than the cruft that is Tkinter. It's reasonably portable across the three main platforms.
Which applications were you referencing as being painful?
If you want to build a decent event-driven GUI, use Enthought's Chaco + Traits
on top of wx, they are awesome. Which reminds me, if Enthought's Travis Oliphant,
Eric Jones or Peter Wang ever wanted to present in more depth on those,
they would be great. Peter Wang gave a superb talk on Chaco + Traits at SciPy 08,
the video of which which was unfortunately not put online:
(I was gently bugging Travis O about this recently, it really was a superb talk)
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