[Baypiggies] current topic schedule for February, March, and April

Drew Perttula drewp at bigasterisk.com
Fri Jan 23 11:04:12 CET 2009

Shannon -jj Behrens wrote:
> A newbie nugget on Supervisord would be cool.

I can talk about supervisor anytime. I'm using it to run 32 processes on 
bigasterisk.com as we speak, and one of them is another supervisor with 
7 more processes :)

On another topic, does anyone have experience with the other dbm modules 
such as tokyo cabinet? I'm looking for something to use instead of 
berkeleydb since I'm sick of dealing with berkeleydb corruptions every 
several days. I can't manage to settle on a 'safe' config since I use 
multiple machines and distros. I'm ready to give up some write 
performance for robustness.

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