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Hartti Suomela hartti.suomela at nokia.com
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I am a complete newcomer on Python GUI tools (and not so fluent with Python
either due lack of practice lately), but my intent is re-activate myself
soon in that area in order to get some simple GUI applications done (not for
work, but for fun and for my studies...)
I was thinking of using PyQt, but can be convinced to use other framework as
well so if you have some ³why yes² or ³why not² comments on any of the
frameworks, I would love to hear those (or a link to a comparison between
the GUI frameworks works well as well)


PS. I have the tendency of overanalyzing things, when I really should just
choose one and get done with it (as I think my requirements are not so
complex that any framework would make a huge difference). A response along
those lines is appreciated as well :-)

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>>>> > > > current buzzwords
>>>> > > > wxPython
>>> > >
>>> > > It'd be great to have a talk on wxPython if we could actually find
>>> > > someone who *likes* wxPython. Otherwise, it'd be cool to find someone
>>> > > using one of the higher level libraries on top of wxPython that has
>>> > > had good experiences.
>> > 
>> > What????
>> > read the wx list- more traffic than 101 at rush hour
>> > I've been using wx since I dropped pyQt- I have no regrets.
>> > I can do a talk- I think it's too much to be a nugget though.
> Yeah, wx is the best platform-independent GUI in my modest experience:
> (disagree freely if you will)
> All the scientific people (Enthought Python distribution, Python(x,y)
> distribution)
> bundle it:
> http://www.enthought.com/products/epdlibraries.php  (wx + Qt)
> http://www.pythonxy.com/standard.php (wx only)
> [If your intent was to start a (civilized) throwdown between wxPython and
> PyQt, by all means bring it on.]
>> >I've met tons of people who use wxPython. I've just never met anyone
>> >who liked it ;) If you like wxPython, I'd love to hear your talk.
> Well what is 'like'? It gets the job done and there's no better tool.
> It's better than the cruft that is Tkinter. It's reasonably portable across
> the three main platforms.
> Which applications were you referencing as being painful?
> If you want to build a decent event-driven GUI, use Enthought's Chaco + Traits
> on top of wx, they are awesome. Which reminds me, if Enthought's Travis
> Oliphant,
> Eric Jones or Peter Wang ever wanted to present in more depth on those,
> they would be great. Peter Wang gave a superb talk on Chaco + Traits at SciPy
> 08,
> the video of which which was unfortunately not put online:
> https://svn.enthought.com/svn/enthought/Chaco/trunk/docs/scipy08_tutorial.pdf
> (I was gently bugging Travis O about this recently, it really was a superb
> talk)
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