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>> I think you just proved my point ;) I don't know how many people I've> met whose attitude is "Yeah, we use wxPython. There's nothing else> quite like it. It's caused us a ton of pain. Fortunately, we> discovered some [insert higher-level interface on top of wxPython],> and it made things a bit better."> > As for QT, I haven't tried pyQT, but I can say that coding in QT with> C++ made C++ suck less that it's ever sucked before! I wrote an> entire KDE application without using the words new, delete, malloc, or> free. I managed to get QT to handle all the memory management> automatically.
Ok then, what are some good higher-level interfaces on top of wx?
If we want to debate whether wx or Qt is better, you have to state
your main considerations: portability (consistent look-and-feel across platforms)/
features/ stability/ speed/ memory compactness/ responsiveness/ ...?
As to coding Qt from C++, fine, but I thought you were talking about using
PyQt from Python, versus wxPython? I'm not really understanding the context 
of your remarks, and whether there's much Python angle to them.
Have you looked at Enthought Chaco btw?
(Maybe Jimmy Retzlaff has some comments?)
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