[Baypiggies] current topic schedule for February, March, and April

Simeon Franklin simeonf at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 18:42:42 CET 2009

> In the RoRs world, they have Capistrano.  There are a couple of
> similar projects in the Python world that don't seem as popular.  Does
> anyone have a way of deploying Web apps that they're really happy
> with?  If so, how do you handle database migrations, etc.  That'd be a
> fun talk.
> A newbie nugget on Supervisord would be cool.
> A newbie nugget on virtualenv would be cool.
> A talk on zc.buildout might or might not be interesting, depending on
> your point of view ;)
> A talk on using Hadoop or Disco to do MapReduce in Python might be cool.
> An intro to Cython or Pyrex would be neat.
> Best Regards,
> -jj

All  those sound like good candidates for the upcoming Tools night (March
26th). I haven't had much of a response from presenters - so far only JJ,
Sandrine Ribeau (I haven't met her but she posted recently about the
semantic web framework from logilab), and I are presenting. I am currently
planning to do a longish talk about my workflow using pip, virtualenv, and
fabric to make and deploy my python environments. That would also take care
of a couple of your desired newbie nugget topics jj - fabric approximately
equals capistrano. I could do a newbie nugget on supervisord sometime (I'm
using it to manage Django instances and a few other "daemons" written in
python) - but I think Drew Pertulla was who turned me on to it in the first

I'd also be happy to only cover one of my topics if we had a few other
speakers. Sandrine is going to present pylint and jj volunteered several
topics; I've been holding off selecting a set topic for him hoping to hear
from a few of the rest of you. So - If you'd like to talk about zc.buildout
or Cython or any other python tool you use in your deployment tasks - now
would be a good time to volunteer...

-best regards
Simeon Franklin
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