[Baypiggies] current topic schedule for February, March, and April

Zachary Collins recursive.cookie.jar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 20:27:50 CET 2009

I've been sparse lately with my attendance, but I'm planning to start
showing up regularly again in March.  Anyways, I'd be interested in
doing either a main topic or newbie nugget Panda3D.  I've recently
been using it very successfully with a couple of friends to develop a
very attractive, seriously constructed game, and I've found it
amazingly useful to that end (more so than pyGame + OpenGL bindings by
a long shot).  I could present something in May with samples from our

I could do this as a newbie nugget and explain some very basic game
development / 3d concepts that can be written in amazing succinct 10
line bits.

Or a much more in depth exploration of why I chose it over other
python game development kits and how to get alot out if.

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 9:36 AM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:
> Beginning February 26 and for some months afterward,
> baypiggies will meet at the Symantec Vcafe at
> 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA 94043
> At this time, meeting topics appear to be:
> February 26: The Factory Module, by Pete Fein
> possible additional talk on PyDev
> March 26: Tools Night, coordinated by Simeon Franklin
> April 23: Possibly: Alternatives for Writing C and C++
> Extensions for Computer Vision Research, by Dameon Eads
> --------------------------------------
> Here are suggestions for newbie nugget and main talk
> topics. please reply if you want the topic presented
> and especially if you can present the topic. please
> reply: your replies help a lot.
> newbie nugget suggestions:
> decorators
> current buzzwords
> wxPython
> other?
> main talk suggestions:
> IEEE-488/GPIB instrument automation
> Any type of GUI programming
> threading
> stack manipulation module (e.g. greenlet)
> py 3k
> XO sugar programming
> django
> REST representational state transfer
> Restful text in Python26 (restructured text)
> doctest
> Web programming (CherryPy? Pylons? <framework buzzword here>)
> abstract classes
> other?
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