[Baypiggies] current topic schedule for February, March, and April

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It was a Cloud Conference a few days ago at the Computer History Museum.
Besides, demoing Cloud Wizard, I can also demo some sample apps that I have
written for AppEngine.  For example, a replacement for Simple Queue

A little known reason that you might want to use multiple clouds is that
they have different billing methods.  For example GoGrid does not charge for
incoming traffic.  This makes it the best place for spiders.  Slicehost does
not charge for CPU.  A low memory/high CPU application would be best there.

This might be a fun newbie nugget.  I wrote a script that logs my CPU to a
google spreadsheet.  You can then use Google Visualization services to add
tachometer dials to your igoogle page.  The idea being that you can use
Google infrastructure to provide free/pretty monitoring of your systems.


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>  ++ sounds awesome
> PS what is Cloud Connect?
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> If there is interest in Clouds, I wrote an open source Python module to
> create, install, admin, and monitor systems in Clouds.  I call it a cross
> cloud scripting language.  It currently works in Amazon, AppEngine, Mosso,
> Slicehost, GoGrid, and basic linux hosts.  I did a presentation on it
> yesterday at Cloud Connect.  I will release the source code as soon as I
> clean up some inconsistencies in the API.
> My  basic use-case when I wrote it was my irritation with open source
> projects.  I download an open source project.  90+% of them do not do what I
> want them to do.  The end result is that I waste time installing and
> de-installing them.  I thought that it would be much simpler if the open
> source author provided an install script for amazon web services.  I could
> spend 10 cents and test it for an hour on amazon.  No cleanup required.
> Alvin
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