[Baypiggies] careful, I have a black belt in Pythondo

resmith at runbox.com resmith at runbox.com
Wed Jul 1 05:25:17 CEST 2009

>So, will there be a PEP for how to hire and evaluate Python
>programmers? Python would be the first language to explicitly even
>think about what a programmer should know.

Java has had multiple certifications for a while. I am guessing that Sun was behind that. I don't know if there is a certification for any other programming languages but I have seen certifications for XML knowledge. 

>Although you're joking, I wanted to respond seriously and mention that
>there have been previous discussions of Python certification, and while
>there is a significant and vocal minority who favor certification, a
>slightly larger and vocal minority vigorously opposes certification.
>(Not surprisingly, most people don't seem to care.) As someone in the
>opposition, I'll make the self-serving claim that opposition will
>increase if certification ever starts gaining traction. ;-)

Sounds like a good topic  for a Pycon poll.

>From reading comp.lang.python I have the impression that most of the people really into Python programming have very strong opinions on how you 
should code in Python. They will frequently chastise someone's code with something like "you didn't code in a Pythonic way - this isn't Java!". Don't know if python.org has anything similar, but I found this site on how to "Code Like a Pythonista". 


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