[Baypiggies] Perot at NASA - Sr. Python Developer

Michiel Overtoom motoom at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 1 12:08:43 CEST 2009

Anna wrote:

> Many men, on the other hand, will read that and be willing to apply
> even if they meet *most* [...] of those requirements.

I'm also inclined not to apply as soon as I see something on the 
requirements list in which I'm not proficient, but...

Out of desperation I once decided to apply for a job which required 
familiarity with the FileNet API, which was completely unknown to me at 
that time.  Because they couldn't find anyone else on short term, I got 
hired after I explained them that getting to know a new API is nothing 
special for a developer.  After looking at the FileNet API for an 
afternoon, I was able to incorporate it into the application, and before 
the week was over I knew every function in there.  And I guess that 
there are thousands of APIs and libraries out there that fit this 
scenario (although some are more complicated than others).

I'd say the requirement in the job listing was overstated.  They could 
have more response if they'd specified something as 'experience with, or 
willing and able to learn the FileNet API'.


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the collective IQ of thousands of individuals across
the Internet is simply amazing." - Vinod Valloppillil

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