[Baypiggies] Timing: OSCON meeting

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 20:32:19 CEST 2009

> Wes Chun has a "What is Python?" BoF scheduled for 7-8pm Thurs 7/23 at
> OSCON.  Would people prefer keeping the BayPIGgies starting time at
> 7:30pm or moving our meeting to 8-9:30pm so that people attending Wes's
> BoF can also attend BayPIGgies?

one of aahz's main reasons for doing this is to help grow the
community... after i hypnotize them, we can bring them into the fold
and start serving more kool-aid. :-) plus i may need some of you who
show up early to help answer questions from the Perl, PHP, and Ruby

the other reason is that O'Reilly has suggested holding BayPIGgies in
the same room as the BoF so that people are locked in with nowhere to
go but BayPIGgies as soon as the BoF is over!

anyway, i wasn't as forward-thinking as aahz in trying to
coordinate... i was just going to do the BoF separately then wander
over to BayPIGgies afterwards, so i'm cool with whatever ppl decide.

-- wes
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