[Baypiggies] Help ! How to exchange python objects between two python processes on the same machine ?

Luca Pellicoro luca.pellicoro at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 02:30:06 CEST 2009

Hi David,

I see two options (which can be combined):
- Pickle the object into a file and send over the file name
- Use the xmlrpc library to communicate between the two processes

Let me know if you need examples of these.

And I'm sure there's more...

- Luca

On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 5:03 PM, David Berthelot<d_berthelot at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Ok, I'm trying to send some python objects from one Python process to
> another, on the same machine.
> The problem is well defined and simple:
> 1. There are only 2 processes: 1 is always waiting, 1 is always sending.
> 2. As soon as a datastructure is fully sent by process1, process2 must
> receive it immediately (I mean there must be no buffering)
> 3. The processes can be given some data when they start (for example a port
> or something of that nature, or a filename).
> 4. They're on the same machine
> So technically I'd like to do:
> Process1: data = ((1,2,"abc",{d:"ef"}),2)
>                 send(data)
> Process2: data = receive();
>                 print data # And here you get the data sent by process1 (and
> note it's a python object, tuple, dict ...)
> I'd like to know if there's an elegant way to do this in Python, I did a
> google search but I keep running into server/clients for exchanging HTTP or
> other internet stuff which is not really what I'm looking for.
> Thanks,
> David
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