[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies meeting at OSCON Thursday July 23, 2009: Semantic Apps with cubicweb

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Tue Jul 21 08:24:15 CEST 2009

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 10:25 PM, jim<jim at well.com> wrote:
> BayPIGgies meeting at OSCON Thursday July 23, 2009:
> San Jose McEnery Convention Center
> 150 West San Carlos St.
> San Jose, CA 95113
> http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009/public/content/hotel

as always, i advocate taking public transit vs. driving for many
reasons, which include but are not limited to rush hour traffic,
downtown SJ parking, etc. caltrain's downtown san jose "diridon"
station is less than a mile from the convention ctr, a 15-min walk or
8-min bike ride.

if you take caltrain's baby bullet service, you can get from SF to SJ
in < 1hr. unlike BART, you can bring food and drink on-board as well
as alchohol if you want relax with a chardonnay on the way down. it is
more bicycle-friendly too.

as far as the speed goes, here are the sub-hour times from the city to
SJ for the best ones to take:

- train 378 departs SF at 5:33p, arr SJ at 6:32p
- train 382 departs SF at 6:14p, arr SJ at 7:11p
- train 386 departs SF at 6:33p, arr SJ at 7:32p

there are slightly slower trains in b/w each of these. the way you
tell is the 1st digit of the train tells you its speed: a "382" -> "3"
which is a bullet. train "284" is a semi-express, those take 76-88-min
to go SF-SJ so you should avoid those. the all local trains, like
"190" don't leave until late so you won't find those during the

the bullet trains will take one of the following routes, so if you can
catch one on the way if closer to work/home:

- SF -> SFO/Millbrae -> Hillsdale -> PA -> MV -> SJ
- SF -> SFO/Millbrae -> San Mateo -> RWC -> PA -> SNV -> SJ

be sure to check which type of bullet you're catching at http://caltrain.com

if you're tempted to get off at MV to catch the light rail because you
don't want to walk the final mile if taking the train all the way to
SJ, think again. from MV, the "snail rail" will take *57* min to
arrive in front of the convention center vs. riding the train for an
extra 15-min plus the 15-min walk at the end... unless you wanna waste
nearly half an hour!

since inevitably *some*one will drive, if you register your info on
the BayPIGgies page, it may be possible to corral a ride from diridon
station so you won't have to walk the final mile after all!

although we aren't meeting at Symantec this month, still update the
wiki page at the bottom to coordinate rideshares, from both those who
need rides as well as those who can offer them:

c u all there!
-- wesley
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