[Baypiggies] BayPIGgies meeting at OSCON Thursday July 23, 2009: Semantic Apps with cubicweb

RYAN DELUCCHI bender at onsrc.com
Tue Jul 21 19:31:20 CEST 2009

> caltrain's downtown san jose "diridon"
> station is less than a mile from the convention ctr, a 15-min walk or
> 8-min bike ride.

Actually, the 15-minute walk / 8-min bike ride is unnecessary (I  
explain below).

> if you're tempted to get off at MV to catch the light rail because you
> don't want to walk the final mile if taking the train all the way to
> SJ, think again. from MV, the "snail rail" will take *57* min to
> arrive in front of the convention center vs. riding the train for an
> extra 15-min plus the 15-min walk at the end... unless you wanna waste
> nearly half an hour!

Yes: riding the light rail from Mountain View to the San Jose  
Convention Center is *not* efficient.  However, there is a light rail  
station *inside* the San Jose Diridon CalTrain Station.  Thus, a  
transfer from CalTrain to the light-rail, in San Jose, is very quick.   
And the light-rail will take you directly in front of the convention  
center - thereby reducing your walk to a 30 second sprint.  As there  
are no stops between the caltrain station and the convention center:  
this is very efficient.

Here are some the best light-rail times from San Jose Diridon to San  
Jose Convention Center:

SJ Diridon		SJ Convention Center
6:02 PM		6:08 PM
6:17 PM		6:23 PM
6:32 PM		6:38 PM
6:47 PM		6:53 PM
7:02 PM		7:08 PM
7:17 PM		7:23 PM

While the light rail stop is in the same station as the caltrain,  
leave yourself at least 5-10 minutes buffer (as caltrains aren't  
always on-time)
and you may need to purchase a light rail pass.  Of course, if you  
have a caltrain monthly pass with 2 or more zones, the light rail will  
be "free".

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