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Hi Folks,


Thanks for the responses and good ideas. 


I'm afraid I should have been clearer... she is a native English speaker,

but lives in France.  She is only here for one year [info given to show

time limitations for courses in the Bay area, before going home...].  

Also, she a beginner at programming and while many books recommended 

are quite good, seems likely she will need a course to get started.


At the risk of starting arguments [Let's NOT...] would probably be good

to get her started in courses with Py 3.x being covered, since she'll 

have no prior programming work to support, etc.



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Hi Folks,


A business associate has a young visitor for a year [she lives in France,
but is American] 

& wants to learn to program Python.  Normal 4yr degree Comp Sci courses
don't make 

sense, nor do community colleges with "out of state" tuition for this young


Any suggestions for someone in her circumstance?  [she appears to be serious

dedicated to pursue this]









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