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Jacob Perkins japerk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 05:08:33 CEST 2009

Hi all, I'm the cofounder/CTO/lead developer for a startup called Weotta (as
in "weotta do something"). I've been lurking on the list for a while,
haven't made it to any meetings, but have been quite impressed with the
quality of discussion here. We're looking for a skilled Django developer
that's comfortable working remotely, meeting once or twice a week. Our team
of 5 is distributed between Los Gatos / Santa Cruz, San Francisco and
Berkeley, working on the product for over a year. Here's a brief intro from
Grant, my cofounder/CEO:

Weotta, the local discovery company, is based in the Bay Area. We are
working on next generation collaborative local search technology, currently
in private beta, planning to launch this fall. You can find out a little
more about us at http://blog.weotta.com/ and the technology behind Weotta at

Our frontend software stack currently includes:
* Django
* jQuery
* Nginx
* Mercurial

We need a part-time (can transition to full-time) Python/Django developer to
build awesome web apps (including mobile web, and potentially a Palm Pre
app). Skills we're looking for include:
* very familiar with Django
* good with jQuery
* bonus points for nginx experience
* experience building consumer web apps
* can work remotely with a small team
* good communication
* cool with agile development
* pragmatic about testing and refactoring
* appreciation & respect for good design
* passionate about building usable (and fast) interfaces

For someone that can work full-time and likes learning new technology, we
also use NLTK for NLP and Erlang for search. If you're more interested in
backend systems & web crawling, I'll be sending another job post for that.

We're quite the boostrapped company, but yes we can pay you something. If
you are interested please send an email with CV/resume, code samples, links
to OSS projects, etc to jobs at weotta.com.
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