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Jacob Perkins japerk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 05:16:40 CEST 2009

Can you write a solid web crawler in under an hour? If so Weotta has quite
the challenge for you.

Weotta, the local discovery company, is based in the Bay Area. We are
working on next generation collaborative local search technology, currently
in private beta, planning to launch this fall. You can find out a little
more about us at http://blog.weotta.com/ and the technology behind Weotta at

We're looking for a part-time developer (can transition to full-time) that
can pump out web crawlers while creating a framework for to make developing
new crawlers easier. We do deep crawling with BeautifulSoup & mechanize, but
are very interested in transitioning to use http://www.80legs.com/. In fact,
the first challenge you'd be tasked with is trying to write a Jython crawler
for 80legs (with BeautifulSoup or lxml). Otherwise we might have to use java

Other desired skills include:
* Good communication
* Excels working with a small team (5 people distributed around the Bay
* Cool with agile development
* Pragmatic about testing and refactoring
* Huge bonus points for experience dealing with large amounts of data

If you can work full-time and like learning new technology, we're also using
NLTK for NLP and Erlang for search & indexing.

We're quite the boostrapped company, which means we can pay some $$ and do
stock options. If you are interested please send an email with CV/resume,
code samples, links to OSS projects, etc to jobs at weotta.com.
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