[Baypiggies] Overdue book reviews.. (Don't make me get my ruler out) :)

William Deegan bdbaddog at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 03:38:27 CEST 2009


First off, let me thank Tony Capellini for his ongoing efforts at building
(and maintaining) relationships with many technical publishers so that
members of Baypiggies can get free books for review.

As you may know, they provide these books with an expectation that in return
there will be (somewhere on the web) a published review within some
reasonable time frame. ( A few months or thereabouts I believe)

By and large, most books received by Baypiggies members are reviewed and
published on Baypiggies.net (by yours truly) and all is good with the world.

However, some folks due to various reasons (got too busy, can't find the
book, forgot they had the book, the dog ate it, etc), are overdue with their
If you fall among this group, and don't expect to be able to review the book
(and know where it is), in the near future, please contact Tony (and I) to
let him know and make arrangements to return the book and/or deliver it to
another Baypiggie member who might enjoy (and have time to) review said

Currently, we have 9 deliquent reviews (Please contact me if you've sent a
review and I've forgotten to either publish it, or remove it from the
overdue list).

The list of overdue books and their reviewers can be found here:

The book review doesn't have to be 1000 words and scholarly written, a few
paragraphs would be better than none at all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message!

-Bill Deegan
(Humble maintainer of baypiggies.net)
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