[Baypiggies] Back-end Lead Developer @ TeamPatent (Alameda)

Rocky Kahn rocky at teampatent.com
Fri Jun 19 01:23:48 CEST 2009

We're looking for a Back-end Lead developer. This position is
full-time (with a startup ethos) and on-site in Alameda (10min bike
from Fruitvale BART).

* Requirements:
   * Demonstrated expert in a server-side language
   * Experience with databases in both design and access methodology;
   * Produce elegant, maintainable code;
   * Easy to get along with, fun, ethical, and low-maintenance; and
   * Intensely driven, proactive, and hard-working.
* Desirable:
   * Demonstrated Python expert;
   * Open-source contributions; and
   * Experience planning network operations.
* Environment and Compensation:
   * Full-time, on-site;
   * Ground floor opportunity with competitive compensation including
significant equity;
   * Technical leadership at an early stage startup aiming to shake up
a valuable market; and
   * Flexible work environment focused on productivity.

TeamPatent, an innovative National Science Foundation-funded startup,
is looking for an expert back-end web engineer to take a leadership
position building our document management engine. This may sound
straightforward, but it turns out that what we're doing is
ground-breaking research--the National Science Foundation describes
our technology as "game changing". We've recently launched a beta and
have enough funding to take us through this dismal economy.

We're building a high-performance, browser-based word processor with
an integrated drawing editor. It provides responsive web-standard
collaboration for large, multimedia documents... imagine Google Wave
"blips" that directly manipulate DOM and SVG-coordinate documents.
We're first applying our editor to drafting patent applications--a
highly-constrained, high-value niche in which we have technical and
market expertise.  A patent application is our society's most refined
format for expressing an innovation--it's a scientific paper that's
required to disclose a preferred technical approach in intimate
detail, wherein the text refers to a hundred or so details in
associated drawings.  However, they're difficult to prepare
(especially keeping references synchronized between the text and
drawings) and to read (most patent professionals print them out and
read them with the drawings side-by-side with the text).  TeamPatent
allows inventors to more easily write much of the application
themselves and hire professionals just for the legalize.  Associating
part references in the text with callouts in the drawings allows these
documents to be more easily read on-line.  Longer-term, these editing
and browsing technologies can become the basis for a new type of
general word processor that could be an important part of the future
of Office 2.0.

Strong candidates will have previously led architectural design and
implementation of a data-driven web application, preferably in a
smaller company or team where you had to wear many hats. You'll be
working in Python and other open-source tools including SQLAlchemy and
PostgreSQL as you refine our document versioning engine and deployment
system on Linux-based Amazon EC2 instances.

As a member of TeamPatent, you'll help contribute to open source--we
already maintain two of the largest widgets in Dojo--dijit.Editor &
dojox.Sketch--and, with your involvement, we hope to contribute facets
of our backend infrastructure. TeamPatent holds the potential to be a
career-making project with enormous intellectual scope and market
potential. We're smart, creative, and open to new ideas...join us!

Applicants should register and try our software at teampatent.com
before submitting a resume and an explanation of why you'd be a good
fit to Rocky, the CEO, at jobs at teampatent.com.

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