[Baypiggies] PyWebSF #1: 6pm, June 23rd 2009, Stong room, SF Main Public Library

Niall O'Higgins niallo at unworkable.org
Sun Jun 21 20:24:47 CEST 2009

Hi folks,

I have confirmed the venue, time and speaker lineup for this month's PyWebSF

PyWebSF is a Python meet-up with a strong focus on Web technology. From
frameworks like WSGI/Pylons/TurboGears/Django to libraries like httplib2 to
using emerging Web technologies like Amazon's AWS and Freebase - its all

The emphasis is on practical, hands-on lectures and discussion. Meetings start
with one or two 10-20 minute presentations and end with informal discussion.
Hackathon-style collaboration and project demos are encouraged.


* Shannon -jj Behrens - "Techniques for Building Third-party RESTful Web Services"

* Marius A. Eriksen - "GeoDjango: Introduction and demos"


6pm, Tuesday, 23rd June 2009.  Please try to arrive on time to avoid
disappointment.  We have space for around 10-20 people.


Stong conference room, 1st floor, SF Main Public Library.
Map: http://tinyurl.com/pywebsfmap

The library is easily accessible via both BART and Muni at the Civic Center
station.  The library closes at 8pm so we will continue the discussion over
food/drinks at Frjtz Fries [http://www.frjtzfries.com].

More info

See http://www.pywebsf.org/


Niall O'Higgins

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