[Baypiggies] July 4 - VOLUNTEERS FOR Berkeley MARINA FAIR Python BerkeleyTIP BOOTH? RSVP %!

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Jun 23 09:11:18 CEST 2009

This is an announcement, & request for RSVP, about a possible "sponsored by BerkeleyTIP" Python or Free SW HW or Culture or GNU(Linux) event.  :)

Hi Everyone - Would you be interested in helping out for an hour at a booth to demo any Free SW HW or Culture or GNU(Linux) at the July 4 fair at the Berkeley Marina?  Free, fun for the whole family, & fireworks included.  :)

Below is the message I just sent to the BTIP list to gauge interest & volunteer level.  If you'd be interested, please probabilistic RSVP (explained below) to either me or one of the BTIP lists.  You can email the BTIP lists directly even if you aren't subscribed, & we'll forward the message through.  You can also subscribe to the lists.  :)

Maybe you can reply on this list, & people can get a carpool together to drive to Berkeley. :)  Prepend "Carpool" to the subject line.

Global mailing list - for everyone interested in BTIP
  BerkTIPGlobal at googlegroups.com

Local list - pertaining to "in Berkeley" info
  BerkTIP at googlegroups.com


=====  Message sent to the BTIP list:

July 4 is next meeting. No holiday for BTIP on the US holiday!  :)

How about having the July 4 BTIP meeting & a booth at the "4TH OF JULY @ Berkeley Marina"?  See below for the details.

=====  First, the message as I started out writing it:

So, I'm wondering about particulars for the meeting, both locally & globally (or at least USA nationally).

David said he thought attendance might be very small due to the holiday.  Perhaps.  But, it could conceivably be the same or larger.

BTIP could use the occasion to have our first potluck party.  We could invite people from all over to come by for a special event, ala the Linux Picnic, held annually at Sunnyvale Baylands park (IIRC) in August.

We could even hold the event not on the campus, but at the Berkeley Marina.  The Marina (boats & fishing off the pier) has a big (5-50 acres?) grassy park, where kite flying is a big activity (& a guy has a business selling all kinds of kites there.  In fact, later in july is the International Kite Flying Competition at the marina).  I think sailboarders start out from there too.

For a number of years, the city of Berkeley has held a kinda free fair there on July 4, with booths for food, & displays, & rides, & all that fair kind of stuff, & fireworks in the evening.

I just realized, perhaps BTIP could make a booth there (if it's not too late to register for one) & do GNU(Linux) demos for the community.

The event/marina is right near the Berkeley Caltrain station, & BART & Buses & Cars & Bikes are all ways to get there.

===== OK, I checked it out, & it might be possible to have a booth there.

Re: 4th of July @ the Berkeley Marina 2009

A free 10x10 booth space for non-profit organizations distributing information only is available at the 4th of July celebration at the Berkeley Marina. Please send an email to moose1 (at) anotherbullwinkelshow.com for an application or call 510.548.5335.

Attendance estimate from 5000 at Noon to 120,000 at 930 PM  (john_re comment: I'm doubting 100K people show up!  Maybe that many do???  I'd guess 10-30K?)

===== So, this seems like it might be an interesting/fun/educational/productive idea.

So, we've got 11 days  -

Once again, my almost favorite thing about BTIP:


Please REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE RIGHT NOW with a probabilistic RSVP to me, or this list, if there is a 50% or greater chance you think you'll attend this meeting physically at the Berkeley Marina, & help volunteer for 1 hour (or more) at a BTIP booth there.  Thanks.  :)

Probabilistic RSVP concept / percent correspondence:
 50% = Possibly
 75% = Likely
100% = Definitely

Please prepend your probability # to the Subject line. Ex:

Note: RSVPing isn't _necessary_ for you to attend - it _is_ _very_helpful_ for planning.  :)   If you haven't RSVP'd by the event, please _do_ come.  Thanks. :)

=====  If I get a few high probabilities quickly I'll make it the official meeting, & we can make a signup sheet for 1's or more hours at the table, as a web page on the BTIP site.

=====  Here's a pdf about tables at the event.  It is for nonprofit "vendors".  We have nothing to sell, so the vending aspect (such as fee) doesn't apply to us, but it has useful info such as about the tables, stuff to bring, etc.

Non-profit vendor application (pdf)

======  Berkeley 4th of July Free Fair at Marina

The 4th of July is a great day to have a lot of fun. The biggest party is on the South Shore of the Berkeley Marina from noon-10PM. There’s music, dancers, jugglers all for free! Adventure Playground, always a favorite, is open 11am-8pm. Sign up for an old-fashioned sack race, create a nature sculpture with environmental artist Zach Pine, or get your face painted. Try the giant slide or splash in the water at the beach!

There’s live entertainment from noon until 9PM on the main stage including MotorDude Zydeco, Suhaila Bellydance Company, Mo’Fone, and guitarist Steven Gary. Other entertainers around the marina include Tropical Sounds Steel Drums, UCA Capoeira, Failure to Disperse, Afro Cuban Rumba Drumming, Fred Anderson Comedy Explosion, and Coventry & Kaluza Clowns. There’s art & craft booths, massages, free sailboat rides from 1-4pm, dragon boat rides from 2-6pm, and muchmore including the grand fireworks off the end of the Berkeley Pier at 9:30pm.

Let’s hear it for the red, white, and blue
but keep it green, too. The party shouldn’t leave the environment trashed. If you can, bring your own dishes — Frisbees double as plates! A bandana is your cloth napkin to use at all of the international food booths. With water stations located around the event, you can refill your own reusable bottle and keep a lot of plastic out of the landfill. Be sure to use the recycling stations located throughout the marina for your disposables.

Ride your bike over the Berkeley Bicycle Overpass and park for free near Adventure Playground, courtesy of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. Or take Caltrain, or take AC Transit from the Downtown Berkeley BART station. To leave on AC Transit, walk out over the freeway overpass after the fireworks to University and 5th St.

Free admission. Alcohol-free event. Free valet bicycle parking. No cars after 7pm.

Sponsored by the City of Berkeley. City of Berkeley
Produced by Another Bullwinkel Show



Another Bullwinkel Show :: Events Management :: East Bay
About Another Bullwinkel Show

We put on real Badenov events, business socials, theme parties, picnics, parades, and even street festivals. We’ve got the scoop on the local scene, where to go and what to do -- real Mr. Know-It-Alls. We promise to Do-Right by you!

Yes, my real last name is Bullwinkel! It’s been a ton of fun my whole life and I bring that along to any event that I produce. I’ve been throwing parties since I was a kid – ours was the house where all of the parties happened in town, until our pool caved in from too many people doing cannonballs off the side one night!

It is not a fractured fairy tale that I was a professional ballerina for many years. So I bring an artistic sensibility to every event I produce. My biggest thrill is providing a format so your guests can be creative in a way they never thought possible. This makes my events a big hit! And memorable!

I can help you market your business district, even if it is in Moosylvania! I have a background in community and economic development from my time as the Executive Director of a large merchant association in Berkeley and Albany, CA. There, I installed a Business Improvement District and built the Solano Avenue Stroll, the East Bay’s largest street festival. The Stroll was designated a National Local Legacy and is housed in the Library of Congress. I've produced lots of other events, including the 4th of July for the City of Berkeley complete with fireworks.

If you’re a non-profit organization, I can pull a rabbit out of my hat to help you fundraise. I even have mailing labels for sale with over 900 local businesses and restaurants plus museums and attractions statewide, or lists of local VIPS to invite to your events, or press lists for your media needs.

So even if your name isn’t Rocky, give a call
 make that a moose call so we can really hear it!
Lisa Bullwinkel
Hoopla Coordinator
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=====  Comments, questions, RSVPs?
Please reply to me, john_re at the sending email for this announcement, or to the BTIP lists.  Thanks. :)

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