[Baypiggies] Idle on iPhone?

Alec Flett alecf at flett.org
Sat Jun 27 19:49:33 CEST 2009

On Friday, June 26, 2009, Glen Jarvis <glen at glenjarvis.com> wrote:
> I misread the previous question to be "how to get IDLE on iPhone." Even though that wasn't what was meant, it made me think. is anyone trying to port
> IDLE and the python interpreter as an iPhone app? That means porting everything to objective C. Is that possible? It's certainly too big for me to try. But, it's an interesting idea.

Objective C is actually just a superset of C, so virtally any C-based
codebase (including cpython) should actually compile fine for the
iPhone, (assuming the usual porting issues of any "new" platform, but
the iPhone is really just a mac with tighter memory constraints)

before there was an app store and jailbreaking iPhones was more
common, python was just one of many packages you could install, and
you could even ssh into your phone and run python interactively!
(these days I think very few people bother, and what's the fun of a
python app if you can't get it into the AppStore?)

personally I think the whole interpreter restriction is rediculous
because objective C, while ugly in it's syntax, is very pythonesque
with it's runtime message/method dispatch, introspection, and inherent
tendency towards duck typing


> Would it get approved? Is the macpython port already written in ObjC? Has some ambitious soul already thought of this and started?
> Inquiring minds,
> Glen
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