[Baypiggies] Book Suggestions?

Aaron Maxwell amax at redsymbol.net
Tue Jun 30 22:31:05 CEST 2009

Hi Stephen, Bill, everyone -

(note: implicit in everything I write below is that you keep the free python 
library docs under your pillow)

On Tuesday 30 June 2009 12:41:43 pm William Deegan wrote:
> I'd give a -1 on the python cookbook 

Have to respectively disagree.  The cookbook is probably not so useful for a 
complete python noob ("How do I define a function?").  But once one starts to 
approach intermediate level, I think it's the single most valuable book to 

> it's not anywhere as useful as 
> the perl cookbook (for perl of course).

Really?  Having read AND used both the perl and python cookbooks to the point 
of wearing them out, I personally found them both really good.  If we're 
saying the perl cookbook is a better book for what it does compared to the 
python one... well, I might agree.

But it doesn't really matter in this instance. What matters is, does the 
pycookbook stand on its own merits?  I say yes!  It's very useful in teaching 
the non-noob to code python EFFECTIVELY - using the language and libraries 
powerfully to solve important real engineering problems.

Of course, all this is my opinion!  Not saying you are wrong here.  (Well, 
maybe a little ;)

> Learning Python or Programming python would be my vote.

I'd consider LP to be newbie-level.  PP isn't a BAD choice.  Just think the 
pycookbook is a better one.

> -Bill
Aaron Maxwell

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