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Mon Mar 2 23:29:47 CET 2009

> I realize that writing is hard and takes courage (you're putting
> yourself out in the spotlight, for reviewers like myself to come and
> beat you up :)  I really hope this experience will not put a damper on
> your energy for continuing to write.  Sorry if I came across as harsh,
> but I figured the best way to repay your effort was with an honest
> review, even if it wasn't the most flattering.


while i can't speak for others, i highly value reader feedback,
regardless of the direction of the review. if something sucks or if
i'm completely wrong somewhere, i need to know about it. the point is
to continue to improve it so for future posterity. that's why i put
both all reviews i can find on the book's website, so that hopefully
people can make more informed decisions than just judging a book by
its cover. if you're scared of negative feedback, you shouldn't be
writing a book for the general public; or, as an alternative, write a
book soooo long, that no one can possibly finish it much less review
it. ;-)

-- wesley
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