[Baypiggies] Seeking Web Developers for LOLapps Media

Emma Donovan emma at lolapps.com
Mon Mar 16 21:05:18 CET 2009

We're a young and scrappy startup in the social application space.

Here are a few bullets on us, because who doesn't love bullets? 

- We're profitable, which makes us pretty much the opposite of your typical
echo chamber Silicon Valley startups.

- We raised $4m in an A round with Polaris Ventures and value-add angels
including Ron Conway and Ariel Poler.

- We're only 12 people. You can make a MASSIVE impact here.

- Our office is in San Francisco, in the old Yelp space, but we plan to
upgrade our digs soon. We'll still be in SF.

- We have all the typical startup stuff (free food, Rock Band, exposed brick
walls, etc).

- If you like beer, check out our kitchen
<http://www.lolapps.com/office.html> .


- Work with product management to break down high level goals into tasks and

- Design and implement large chunks of the product roadmap

- Mentor junior engineers

- Have a point of view on the product and be willing to debate it 


- Care more about the company and your group's goals rather than personal

- Desire and ability to quickly learn new languages and technologies

- 2+ years of experience as a software engineer

- Appreciate owning a full spectrum of responsibilities from backend (SQL,
memcache, etc) to frontend (JavaScript, FBML, FBJS)

- Interested in using / learning Python

- Detail-oriented: When someone sends you an email about something it
automagically gets handled with no need for a follow-up

- Interested in working in the social networking space

- Comfortable working in an environment where ideas are thought of,
described, and executed within a span of hours to days 

Desired Qualifications

- Computer science or equivalent degree from a top computer science program

- 1+ year working on a consumer facing web product with a high level of

- Strong product sense

- You write software for fun. You've worked on projects of your own outside
of school or work

- Entrepreneurial


Emma Donovan
LOLapps Media
direct 707 824 8111
cell 415 203 0015
emma at lolapps.com
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