[Baypiggies] Looking for a FTE Senior Python Engineer in San Francisco / Offbeat Guides

David Sifry dave at offbeatguides.com
Thu Mar 26 20:23:15 CET 2009

We’re looking for a senior Python engineer to join our team at Offbeat  
Guides in San Francisco. We’re a small team; you’ll be our sixth full- 
time employee and our second full-time developer. It’s a high-growth  
startup so you should be prepared for all the fun that it brings, as  
well as long and irregular hours. The ideal team member is ready to  
take digital content and turn it into physical goods. If parsing  
complex text, working with third-party APIs and compiling seemingly  
unorganized data from a number of sources into something meaningful  
isn’t your cup of tea… then this isn’t the position for you.

You’re an expert in:
* Python
* Twisted, Beautiful Soup
* Application architecture
* Scaling to accommodate large amounts of traffic

You’re very proficient in:
* Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3 and SimpleDB
* Consuming and writing web services
* Caching strategies
* Distributed Computing methodologies
* PHP/MySQL (CodeIgnitor/MVC)

You’re good at:
* Javascript (jQuery)

You’re not afraid of:
* Releasing production code frequently
* Thinking openly and creatively about hard technical problems
* Communicating with the team and being involved in the product  
development process
* Answering occasional customer support inquiries
* Mid-afternoon cheese & cracker plates

At Offbeat Guides, we make really complex things seem really easy. The  
technologies we develop span across multiple platforms and all speak  
in HTTP/XML. We use the best tools for the task at hand - be it C# for  
printer interaction, Python for parsing or PHP for our website. The  
technological challenges we face include (but are not limited to):

* Product up-time while relying on a large number of third-party  
services, including sophisticated caching mechanisms
* Integration with a plethora of third-party APIs where no two are the  
* Data integrity… because we have a lot of it
* Keeping the website fast. Fast as in < 0.5s load time for most pages
* Generating guide previews in excess of 200 pages in under ten  
seconds for a remote location in South America that you’ve never heard  
of but where people travel each year for holiday and use our guides
* Handling high volumes of traffic

To apply, send your resumé or CV to careers at offbeatguides.com Please  
also send along a list of things you’ve made in the past (preferably  
with links so we can play), a story about the last cool place you  
traveled, photos from a trip, a list of languages you can speak, a  
really funny joke or any combination thereof.

This is for a full-time position in San Francisco, CA. We are  
currently not interested in hiring part-time or contractors.
David L. Sifry
Founder and CEO, Offbeat Guides
dave at offbeatguides.com
+1 415 846-0232 (Mobile)

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