[Baypiggies] geospatial software architect job opening involves python and django

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Fri Mar 27 17:16:29 CET 2009

Thanks to all last night's presenters.    I've installed pylint and am
looking into fabric!

Do not respond to me about the job opening appended below.    I'm
merely forwarding it from another mailing list.

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Title:    Software Developer (full-time position)
Location: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Want to help NASA return to the Moon? Want to build cutting-edge planetary
mapping and modeling systems? Want to create geospatial user interfaces
that reach millions of people?

The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group (irg.arc.nasa.gov) has an
immediate opening for a full-time software developer to help create the
next generation of planetary data systems, geospatial user interfaces, and
teraflop image processing pipelines. This is a high-profile, high-impact
opportunity to create software that will make a difference in how we
explore space. This software will be used by NASA mission engineers, the
planetary science community, and the general public, through Google Earth
and other cutting-edge science and outreach platforms.

Applicants should hold a B.S. (or higher) in Computer Science and have
excellent software engineering and system development skills. A strong
background in UNIX development and open-source tools is required. In
addition, knowledge in one (or more) of the following areas is greatly

  - C++, Java, Python, and Django

  - distributed, multi-threaded and parallel processing

  - geospatial systems (GIS, geodesy, experience with GDAL, proj.4, etc.)

  - computer vision (camera models, stereo vision, 2D/3D mosaicking)

  - linear algebra and statistics, plus some knowledge of optimization,
    estimation, and probablistic methods

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send the
following via email:

  - a letter describing your background and software experience

  - a detailed resume (PDF or text)

  - contact details for two (or more) references

to Dr. Terry Fong <terry.fong at nasa.gov>.

The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) is dedicated to enabling
humans and robots to explore and learn about extreme environments, remote
locations, and uncharted worlds. IRG conducts applied research in a wide
range of areas with an emphasis on robotics systems science and field
testing. IRG's expertise includes applied computer vision (navigation, 3D
surface modeling, automated science support), human-robot interaction,
interactive 3D user interfaces, robot software architecture, and planetary
rovers. Recent projects include:

  Google Mars 3D                  http://earth.google.com
  Google NASA Planetary Content:  http://ti.arc.nasa.gov/projects/planetary
  Robotic Site Survey:            http://haughton2007.arc.nasa.gov
  GigaPan GigaPixel Panoramas:    http://gigapan.org

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