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Hi Robert,

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 11:18 PM, Smith1, Robert E <robert.e.smith1 at lmco.com
> wrote:

> "Thanks to all last night's presenters.    I've installed pylint and am
> looking into fabric!"
> I'd like to give my thanks as well. I also installed Pylint and the one
> complaint I have about PEP-8 is that function/method names and variable
> names are supposed to follow the same naming convention.

I am happy to hear that you give it a try to Pylint.
You can easily configure the naming convention by properly setting the
following options:
# Regular expression which should only match correct function names

# Regular expression which should only match correct method names

# Regular expression which should only match correct variable names

I hope this helps,

But you see
> that philosophy in Java coding standards as well.
> Robert
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