[Baypiggies] Someone need a job?

Glen Jarvis glen at glenjarvis.com
Tue Mar 31 21:04:09 CEST 2009

After two months and three interviews I was turned down for a job.  
But, my loss can be someone else in the community's gain.

The reason I didn't get the job is the main reason I'm not getting  
most jobs these days. I have 1 year of experience in Python and  
Django. That's the newbie newb's newb of Python. And, a good chunk of  
that is contracting through my very small company Glen Jarvis, LLC.  
And, before this, I finished a degree for several years. And before  
that I was a DBA -- completely different role.

So, it's very probable someone else here is much stronger than I am at  
the role in question. However, it's a strange situation that they  
want. They want someone who is very experienced in mobile phone  
application development (so, it's not just Python skills, but it  
couldn't hurt). But, you won't be programming. You'll be managing an  
Open Source community. I originally applied because it's a community  
management role, but I eventually didn't get it because of my lack of  
Mobile phone app development experience.

If you're interested, please let me know and I'll direct you to the  
company. After they told me that I wasn't a fit, I thought I could  
help them find someone who is.

In the like vein of programmers helping out programmers and community  
spirit, if there is a Python and/or Django job out there where 1 year  
of experience is sufficient, please let me know. Newbie or not, I'm  
constantly growing as a programmer. I'm amazed at how much better my  
code is now compared to six months ago. But, with that said, I'm sure  
my code will continue to improve and I'm not at that level yet. I'm  
great as a Junior programmer working with other talented programmers  
-- especially team programming. I prefer full time work over  
contracting and am contracting now. I'm up to my eyes in contract work  
the past few weeks, but it's not regular and I'm getting more and more  
in debt doing so (I don't yet feel good enough to charge enough).

To give you a basic understanding of my coding level, I have just made  
the breakthrough of coding something dynamically like this. Although I  
knew about this style of programming before, I never "got it" in my  
code until just this week:

     1: ('Vendor Scan', ('v', 't'), action_vendor_scan), #  
     2: ('Time', ('e',), action_time_event), # Event(e)
     3: ('Email', ('t', 's','m'), action_email), #  
     4: ('Cron', ('u'), action_cron), # Unknown(u)

         # a is the action to execute and is dynamically set
         data = {}
         for v in variables:
            data[v] = request.GET.get(v, None)
            if data[v] is None:
                logging.error("scan: Data (%s) missing from URL" % v)
         data = ACTION_DICT[a][2](data)

Thanks in advance. And, let me know if you're interested in the mobile  
phone community management position.

All the best,

glen at glenjarvis.com

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -M. Gandhi

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