[Baypiggies] [Invitation] PyGameSF meetup Thursday May 21st 6pm @ Thu May 21 6pm – 8pm (baypiggies at python.org)

Zhi Min greencrab at gmail.com
Thu May 14 19:08:31 CEST 2009

baypiggies at python.org, you are invited to

Title: [Baypiggies] PyGameSF meetup Thursday May 21st 6pm
Time: Thu May 21 6pm – 8pm (Timezone: Pacific Time)
Where: Main San Francisco Public Library
Calendar: baypiggies at python.org
Owner/Creator: greencrab at gmail.com

Description: Hi All,
The May PyGameSF meet up will be at the STONG conference room on the
first floor of the main San Francisco public library beside civic
center BART. The library closes at 8pm so we will reconvien to frjtz
on hayes street for dinner/drinks afterwords.This s presentations are:

  -Jared Sohn: All About My Flocking Project. This talk will give an
overview of flocking and demonstrate a C++/Maya flocking implementation
used to animate rats for a college computer animation project.

-Brad Busse, Colin Bean, Harry Tormey : CampDivisible, an overview
of the PyGameSF teams pyweek 8 entry. This presentation will cover the
concept, design and implementation of our entry, which was written with
pyglet. This is also an open invitation to any teams who participated
in pyweek from around the bay to come on down talk about your game and
celebrate the end of another fun pyweek.

PyGame SF is an informal group meet up in San Francisco for Software
engineers interested in python, OpenGL, audio, pygame, SDL,
programming and generally anything to do with multimedia development.
The format of our meetings typically involve several people giving
presentations on projects they are developing followed by group
discussion and feedback.

If anyone else would like to give a micro presentation, show demos or
just talk about what they are doing or generally give examples of any
relevant software they are working on please feel free to head along

To subscribe to the pygamesf mailing list simply email
pygame-sf+subscribe at unworkable.org

Harry Tormey
Co Founder P2P Research
Founder PyGameSF
Software Engineer Digidesign
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