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Brian Zambrano brianz at gmail.com
Fri May 15 19:53:14 CEST 2009

At the last Django meetup I met Tristan Brotherton (CC'ed) who is looking
for some Django help.  The position right now is part-time and the company
is still operating on seed money, but their plan is for this position to
roll into a full-time gig once their A round of funding comes through which
is expected in August.

Their building an app for moblie devices (iPhone, initially) which allows
users to browse, interact with and discover content in a location-centric
way.  It's described much more eloquently on their site:


If anyone is interested, email Tristan directly and mention Baypiggies:
tristan at ambientindustries.com

Further detail below.


In Tristan's words, here is a description of what's needed for their beta
which is just a few weeks away:

* A python image renderer, to take our proprietary markup language and
render a flat image for use on the web. (already written in objective C but
needs porting).
* Working with our server guy to build a scalable method of taking the user
meta-data from the server, delivered in XML and exposing it as django tags
on the web-front end, with pagination support, and potentially ajax.
(comments, card data etc).

Thats pretty much it, as I can see now.  As I said although initially its
part-time work, we are very much looking for someone who gets our concept
and is in it for the long run. Its a really good proposition for the right
person who wants to get in on an early stage startup and be able to make
their mark, so hopefully something will come of it!
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