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I haven't follow the thread closely. But, wow, this is a very high quality  
job posting. I don't mind seeing more of these in mailing list.

I've checked Adam Bosworth's post in 2007. He was talking about looking  
for people to work using Java or PHP or RubyOnRails. I guess he has  
changed his mind since then :)

Wai yip

> Company: Keas, (www.keas.com)
> Location: HQ in Downtown S.F.  (1st St. btw Mission and Market)
> Keas is an early stage consumer health start-up that is still in
> "stealth"/has not publicly launched.  They do have a private beta out.   
> The
> company was founded by Adam Bosworth and George Kassabgi in 2008.   
> George is
> a longtime entrepreneur and (among other accomplishments) was a key  
> person
> over at BEA.  Adam is the engineering pioneer who authored XML and (among
> other accomplishments) developed Google Calendar and MS Access. Most
> recently Adam built Google <http://www.google.com/> Health before  
> leaving to
> start Keas.  Candidates who are selected by Keas for interview will be  
> asked
> to sign an NDA after which more about the company will be divulged.  For  
> now
> one can gleen some info about Keas on Keas.com and Adam's blog:
> http://adambosworth.net/2007/12/22/talking-about-keas/
> Technologies used include Python with a Zope framework (Zope may have  
> since
> been replaced with Django or TurboGears/Pylons in the past few months  
> but I
> can't confirm this right now) , and in an agile (scrum) test-driven
> iterative environment.  AJAX, mySQL, memcached, etc.
> The Opportunity: In brief, engineers will be building a health 2.0  
> consumer
> facing website, and designing software solutions for hard infomatics and
> data analysis problems.  The company is always on the lookout for
> experienced individual contributors who have deep experience with Java or
> Python, have solid problem solving skills and who like to learn new
> technologies and pick up new programming languages quickly.  Smart,
> "young-ish"/or young at heart, entrepreneurial co-workers, who tend to  
> have
> strong C.S. fundamentals, and solid work experience building high volume,
> high transaction, highly available consumer web applications.  Very
> accessible hands on leadership.
> Interviews: A three step process.  Recruiter screening, Manager phone
> technical screening, On-site interviews.  You may also be asked to  
> provide
> code samples. They have a very rigorous on-site interview process (which  
> is
> long - all day) that Adam imported from Google (which I'm not  
> knowledgeable
> about.) It's an all day affair, long and comprehensive.  If you are  
> invited
> to interview and can't commit to a full day of interviews you can always
> break it up into two days.
> Compensation: Competitive salaries and in the middle to upper range  
> compared
> to other startups and still offering good equity on top of salary.  Be  
> clear
> from the beginning whether you value more salary or more equity.  They do
> not like to go back and forth on offers.  This company is very fair when  
> it
> comes to compensation.
> Contacts: I cannot give out contact info of hiring managers or founders.
> There is a competent in-house recruiter, you can find his info on  
> linkedin,
> his name is Ricky Fiel.  Ricky is diligent and responsive but does not  
> have
> a great deal of experience and so may not be the best assesor of  
> technical
> skill and talent and will most likely rely heavily on a his managers for
> resume feedback.   His email is: ricky.fiel at keas.com.  If you would like  
> his
> phone number, ask me in an email.
> (note: if you are interested in this company and would like to ask  
> questions
> I'm happy to chat and provide as much info and help as I can.  I am also
> happy to make a direct introduction to the founders if that is your
> preference vs. connecting with the in-house recruiter as your first  
> point of
> contact.)
> ***** wow I may have gone overboard with the details here....  my next
> posting will not be quite as long.... the next company from me will be
> posted sometime on Thursday*****
> On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 9:09 PM, Shannon -jj Behrens  
> <jjinux at gmail.com>wrote:
>> On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 6:44 PM, Elan <elan.martinez at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Excellent jj (mr. moderator)!  I think this can work.
>> >
>> > BTW, to be clear I want to encourage EVERYONE to contribute and not  
>> just
>> > recruiters, especially since my guess is that most fee-based  
>> recruiters
>> > (definitely not all) will be reluctant to contribute if they are not
>> getting
>> > a fee or if they feel paranoid about other recruiters "stealing"  
>> leads or
>> > contacts.  My comment to those recruiters... if you have a strong  
>> client
>> > relationship there's no reason to worry, and remember you do not have  
>> to
>> > include any clients you are currently working with.  If everyone  
>> chips in
>> to
>> > do what they can we will all benefit in the long run.
>> >
>> > So jj and everyone else, I would love to start this all off  
>> immediately
>> but
>> > I'm going to wait to post my leads until tonight.  I have a couple of
>> > stealth co's in S.F. that I would like to list, but need to confirm  
>> that
>> > they are still actively hiring python engineers, who I can list as
>> > preferred contacts and also how much I can divulge about the  
>> companies.
>> I
>> > also have a couple fo non-stealth co's based in S.F. that I will post  
>> but
>> > need to confirm the same info.  Please, to those who may post before  
>> me,
>> do
>> > the best you can to provide current and relevant information to the  
>> job
>> > seekers in this community.
>> I'll second that.  Here's my hint to the recruiters of the world.  I
>> don't really care who the VCs are or where the CEO went to college.
>> Sure, I might want to know those things eventually, but first I want
>> to know:
>> a) What technologies does the company use?
>> b) Where are they located?
>> c) Can they afford to pay me a decent salary?
>> d) What positions are they hiring for?
>> After knowing those things, I'll want to know:
>> e) Is this a sweatshop?
>> f) How does the company develop software (fast and dirty?  agile?
>>  clueless?)?
>> My $0.02,
>> -jj
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>> with great love. -- Mother Teresa
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