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Grace Law glaw at slide.com
Fri May 22 18:23:41 CEST 2009

> i believe it was wesley who suggested having a bayPIGgies talk
> relating to recruiters and jobs and such. is there interest in
> putting together a talk focusing on python job-finding and career
> paths and so on?

A few of you on this list know me already :-)  I am an independent  
technical recruiter with 10+ years of experience at agencies and as  
in-house recruiter.   Most recently, my focus is on python web  
development.  I also help organize sfpython meetup.  I would be happy  
to prepare a talk focusing on job-finding, career paths, what one  
need to do to prepare for an interview... etc.  Just let me know if  
there is an interest and how long you want the talk to be :-)   
Personally, I don't think this should be the main talk for the night :-)

Feel free to connect with me via linkedin as well -
I am recruiting for Slide now as an in-house contract recruiter.   We  
do have python positions posted on our website:
I also have a few company contacts outside of Slide and will be happy  
to help.


Grace Law
gracelaw at mac.com / glaw at slide.com
650-823-7236 cell

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