[Baypiggies] Video Taping this session? Videos already online

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Thu May 28 20:08:54 CEST 2009


i know aaron would like it recorded and understand his reasoning why:
there are people out there who don't have time to actually watch the
real talks over several hours and prefer a compendium of summaries
both as an FYI and perhaps to determine whether it's worthwhile to go
hit the full videos.

for me, it's not as important, so do whatever is most convenient for
you. i don't know if anyone has spoken up about what you do, but i
find your service of recording, editing, and putting the videos online
to be a privilege that would not exist if you aren't volunteering and
putting in the effort of doing it. so i'd like to offer a big THANKS
from those of us who appreciate what you're doing.

if you feel it's worthwhile, feel free to announce after the meetings
that you're taking donations for more "professional editing" of the
videos. we used to take donations to cover for hot food that someone
used to bring, and there was no problem with ppl chipping in. of
course, things may be different in this economy....


On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 10:44 AM, Glen Jarvis <glen at glenjarvis.com> wrote:
> I for one would really like to have the video taken.  Speaking as... er, a
> speaker.  I'm going to be summarizing several hours' worth of talks in 20
> minutes....
> Aaron,
>     This is good to know. I never mind schleping that stuff along and
> setting up. Although it's pretty labor intensive, it makes me feel good
> that, as a 1-1.5 year newb, I've been able to contribute back to the
> community.
>     I also realize that it may be helpful to speakers to have original
> formats (edited, but not formatted into a web stream). This way you can take
> the video and do what you want with it. I can happily give these things out
> if needed. Of course, it's better for BayPIGgies if speakers can link to the
> same YouTube videos (which have never yet been created/still in *.mov
> format) so it goes to the BayPIGgies YouTube space and promotes them....   I
> have a friend (student) who does video editing professionally and is needing
> extra income -- when I have a bigger budget, I'll pay him to do a lot of the
> tedious stuff that are labor intensive and that I hadn't gotten to yet.
> We'll also take donations toward this effort if anyone is so inclined. We're
> paying him $20/hour and he's a video film student (carbon copied on this
> email).
>     With all that said, I left this morning with the decision not to tape
> and I left the equipment at home. I'm changing that decision now (if I can
> work out the details). I walked to Citizen Space (http://citizenspace.us/)
> this morning and will have to get home and get the stuff before tonight. So,
> it will be a disorganized rush/mess if I can still make it happen tonight.

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