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Company: MochiMedia (www.mochimedia.com)
Location: S.F. (Mission St. between 1st and 2nd St.)

MochiMedia is a 20++ person startup, well funded (angel and VC), with a
solid business plan and multiple revenue streams.  The founders Jameson Hsu
and Bob Ippolito have been successful entrepreneurs, however, they have
recently hired some seasoned executive and technical management to help the
company accelerate to the next level.  (In brief about the company) Mochi
Media develops an advertising platform and network for casual games and they
also develop tools for games developers to profit from and monetize their
games. The company has been generating revenue, and they had previously been
through an acquisition process, which they turned down, recognizing instead
a good opportunity to build something new and exciting and to go for it
big!   An excellent place to work for the right person.  And, from personal
experience,  I have only good things to say about this company and the
people currently there.

(More about the company from their website) Mochi Media is a platform
dedicated to fueling the creativity of the gaming community through its
products and services.  The core product, MochiAds, is the largest online
games network for developers, advertisers and publishers reaching over 100
million unique users.  The network provides game developers with
monetization, distribution and analytics while providing advertisers with
turnkey opportunities to reach the one in three Internet users playing games
online. The thousands of online games available in the game catalog provide
publishers with engaging content to attract, entertain and retain their
users.  There is much more publicly available about Mochi Media, however, if
anyone would like more insight (non-confidential obviously) I'm happy to
answer any questions.

On the technology side, Python is the key language being used to develop
their various web apps, The technology stack is LAP(ostgreSQL)P(ython).
Bonus points for candidates who have experience with Erlang!  Bob Ippolito,
had released an open source erlang web server and is well known in the
erlang world (there's a longer story there about erlang and its stability as
a web server for anyone interested).  Anyhow, experience or love of other
functional languages is a plus, and high marks for candidates who are active
contributors to open source communities.

The company is comprised of a really solid bunch of young, smart,
even-keeled, and entrepreneurial people with healthy egos.  In the past,
they may have been a bit hasty in their hiring practices, but this was just
due to an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm by the hiring teams, a lack of
hiring procedure and experience and the desire to get the "best" people on
board with as little hassle as possible and as quickly as possible.  This
has since changed.  There is better process and procedure in place and the
interviewing teams have had  great coaching and as a result are now more
methodical, less hasty, and stricter with their evaluations.

Compensation and equity are competitive and commensurate with experience.
If you're clear about your expectations from the beginning and how you value
salary vs. equity there won't be any surprises when it comes to offers.

I'm not 100% on how up-to-date the careers page is, but they do still have a
listing posted for a "Web Developer", with the keys being web app dev
experience using Python/XHTML/Javascript/SQL/Flash.

Apply for work by sending an email with the job title in your subject
heading and emailing work at mochimedia.com.   For those who are more
proactive, you can do some research on Linkedin and make direct contact with
the appropriate person/manager through that network.

I'm happy to share more about what I know of this company, and if
appropriate I'm happy to make direct introductions to the Director of
Engineering, CTO or a co-founder.

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